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Studies show most people join a gym for several reasons, and the top seven are: to look better, feel better, socialize, lose weight, improve health, get or stay in shape and tone up.

Some of these are reasons for joining a gym are subjective and potential members may have their own specific definition of each of the reasons above. Either way, fitness clubs offer options for members to achieve their goals.

There is one type of exercise that offers all of the benefits mentioned above and more.

Boxing/Kickboxing offers a great cardio workout, improved strength, an opportunity to socialize, core training, increased weight loss, improved balance and stress reduction.

Why be another one of the many running the same ole fitness classes when you can offer up something different, exciting and effective? Yeah. We don’t know why you would either!

The BOX-2B-FIT Fitness Boxing/Kickboxing program is a turnkey system and is truly only short of us teaching and promoting the classes for you because we provide everything you need to run a successful business.

We know what you are thinking. “How turnkey is it really?” Well just keep reading below and take a look at what you will receive.

Why Fitness Boxing/Kickboxing?

Why? Because a Boxing/Kickboxing workout can burn up to 1200 calories an hour. It will also improve client’s cardiovascular fitness and increase clients metabolism. That means your clients will burn more calories at rest.

Clients will also increase the body's lean body mass, develop eye-hand-foot co-ordination, improve balance, reduce stress, and elevate self-confidence and self-esteem - All while learning America's #1 form of Self-Defense.

We take fitness to a new level with variety, result-driven workouts, and you will be the awesomely motivating instructors!

Fitness Boxing/Kickboxing is one of the hottest fitness trends today and BOX-2B-FIT programs focuses on fitness first and boxing second. It uses sound Boxing/Kickboxing techniques (not the kind of “fake” boxing and martial arts that you see on some video programs) that get people in the best physical and mental shape of their lives.

Why Fitness Boxing/Kickboxing is Hot Right Now?

Get in the best mental and physical shape of their lives;

Learn the conditioning secrets of boxers, who are among the best- conditioned athletes anywhere; 

Learn self-defense;

Improve self-esteem and self-confidence;

Have fun and get away from generic training programs; and

Tell their friends that they are doing something "cool" and different.

BOX-2B-FIT Fitness Boxing/Kickboxing workout meets all of the criteria of an ideal fitness program:

Outstanding cross-training for any sport that relies on “core strength” (e.g. golf, tennis, baseball, football, basketball, martial arts, and more).

Both an aerobic and anaerobic conditioning component.

Strength training.

Variety and fun.

Easy to learn.

Low risk of injury (because the focus is on boxing technique, not actual fighting).

Helps burn calories and take off fat.

Addresses the biggest problem areas most people have (abdominals, butt, hips, and thighs – the “core”).

Gets proven results.

Participants rave about BOX-2B-FIT Fitness Boxing/Kickboxing, because our workouts are always different, always fun, and get results. Plus, people learn to “fight without the fight.”

BOX-2B-FIT workouts are all about moving from the beginning of a round to the end of the round. In boxing, you move from the starting bell until the ending bell because there are no time outs during a round.

There is constant movement and that’s one of the great things about the BOX-2B-FIT Fitness Boxing/Kickboxing workouts.

Most BOX-2B-FIT Fitness Boxing/Kickboxing rounds are two minutes, with a 45 second rest. More advanced participants can work up to 3 minute rounds with a 45-60 second rest. In between rounds, you focus on breathing while the heart rate decreases.

A BOX-2B-FIT Boxing/Kickboxing workout is the best of all worlds. Unlike running or cycling, which do little for the upper body, Fitness Boxing/Kickboxing gives the entire body a workout.

And because you exercise many muscle groups at the same time, you’re less likely to strain or injure yourself. Fitness Boxing/Kickboxing workouts also facilitate incredible stress relief.

Hello my name is Rick and when I started BOX-2B-FIT IN 2002, there were no directions on how to own and operate a successful Boxing/Kickboxing gym.

I began at level zero, and learned day by day so I learned the hard way so you don’t have to.

Let me put my experience to work for you.

Why spend countless hours of wasted time failing your way to success? When you license with BOX-2B-FIT, your will be learning from one of the best in the business on how to build, market, and operate your own BOX-2B-FIT

Listen you do NOT need a lot of square footage to start a BOX-2B-FIT Fitness Boxing/Kickboxing program, I started with 500 square feet and I know that most gyms have a room that is not making enough money or no money at all.

Let's us help you make that room profitable with our Fitness Boxing/Kickboxing program.

Stop letting places like: Title Boxing Clubs, I Love Kickboxing, Mayweather Boxing + Fitness, TapOut, CKO, 9Rounds, Everlast and other Boxing/Kickboxing studios take your current clients.

Let us help you to add your own in-house Fitness Boxing/Kickboxing program and get your BOX-2B-FIT Fitness Boxing/Kickboxing License With Us.

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Dear Entrepreneurs, Fitness Professionals and Health Clubs/Gyms, BOX-2B-FIT has decide to License rather then Franchise our business because the license opportunities are often less expensive than Franchising in both the upfront investment and ongoing fees.

We see too many facilities make massive mistakes, from leasing costly space that they don’t need to developing boring (or unsafe) workout routines and not doing the right things to attract clients.

Others invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in License and or Franchising fees that they will never get back.

For a very affordable fee, BOX-2B-FIT Fitness Boxing/Kickboxing pioneer Rick Harper will provide you with a turn key program to help assure your success.

Train the Trainer. Rick Harper will spend as much time as you need to ensure that you know how to structure a great Fitness Boxing/Kickboxing workout, with safe and proper technique, that will keep people coming back.

A Turn Key Fitness Boxing Facility Program To Help Assure Your Success.

This remarkable program includes:

Marketing Collateral: You get a choice of BOX-2B-FIT logos along with help in designing signs, advertisements, and innovative business cards that get great response.

Business and Marketing Support: Marketing plan development so that you attract clients quickly and effectively, pricing and setting up your programs, business planning, insurance suggestions, setting financial goals, and ongoing support and coaching.

The emphasis is on keeping your fixed costs low by investing only in the activities you need to do to succeed.

Facility Design: Don’t fall into the trap of getting more space or buying more equipment than you need. The trend has moved to smaller sites, so that your monthly fixed cost is low.

We show you how to design a great Fitness Boxing/Kickboxing program in a smaller space – including ring design (optional), and equipment for stations and personal training.

We also show you how to use your space efficiently so that every square foot is generating revenues for you.

Boxing/Kickboxing Equipment: We provide you with all Boxing/Kickboxing equipment.

Updated and Advanced Workout Routines: We are always developing new and advanced workout routines, and we share those with our licensed facilities. That way, your clients remain loyal and keep coming back for more great workouts.

Program Structure: We show you how to set up large group, small group, women only, youth, semi-private, and personal training classes. 

Ongoing Support: You can contact us any time for business, programmatic, or other support. We are 100% committed to your success, and here to help you resolve issues right away.

Sharing Best Practices: We constantly ask our clients about our workouts and share those with everyone who participates in this program. That way, when something works for another gym, you learn about it fast.

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We are committed to helping our Licensed BOX-2B-FIT business owners establish the best Fitness Boxing/Kickboxing service and with our business experience and operational systems we are here to help you grow your business quickly, efficiently, and successfully.

1: Local Locations - We will help you find the best local location because being part of your local community enhances credibility, increases the employment and growth opportunities.

2: Site Selection - When you buy a BOX-2B-FIT License, we will help you with the site selection process so that you will find the ideal location for your studio. 

3: Lease Negotiation - Many people are inexperienced in the area of leasing and lease negotiation and often end up paying much more than they need to with little or no concessions.

Does not matter what State you are in for all States have a Triangle area of business, our experience dealing with building agents and property owners allows us the ability to protect your interests in negotiating a favorable lease. 

4: Studio Layout - We will work together to have your studio lay out fit the space that you are using for the best, most efficient layout for your studio.

5: Studio Start-Up - With so many things to take care of prior to opening the studio, it is very difficult if not overwhelming to continue working while preparing to open a studio. We will work with you to make the entire process easy.

6: Save Money In Negotiations - Many areas of business involve negotiations. We will help you save money in startup costs, insurance, advertising contracts, employee costs and in many other areas.

7: Operations Manual - We have created an operations manual for Licensed owners. This will act as your blue print to success and provide you tips, strategies, and systems that are proven to work.

8: Test Marketing - We continue to test ideas and strategies at two or three test locations in order to provide all of our License locations with the latest and most effective methods of growing their businesses.

9: Marketing - We can help you understand direct mail pieces, strategic business partnerships, referral cards, trainer incentives, and other marketing programs to increase your client base.

10: Advertising - We can help you in knowing what to do to build your business quickly. Without some assistance it will become very costly to experiment with many advertising strategies in your area.

11: Managing Employees - Whom to hire, how many to hire, how to keep them motivated, non-compete agreements. Having employees can be very challenging. In your training, you will learn important information about managing employees.

12: Internet Exposure - We have had many clients contact us through our web site to get set up with a studio owner. The site is continuously updated to be more helpful in the growth of all License locations.

13: Billing & Collections - We will help guide you into setting up your Membership billing systems and sorry to say but sometimes you will need to use a Collection agency or you can set up a in house Collections system.

Let's Make A Deal

Cost & Fee's:

1: 500 square feet - 2000 square feet, ONLY "$34,999-$44,999" for our Affiliate “License” and it includes Design & Layout of facility, Boxing-Kickboxing Fitness Training and all Boxing/Kickboxing fitness equipment to outfit the space (NOT INCLUDING FLOORING & BOXING RING). Monthly License Fee ONLY "$149.99".

2: 2000 square feet - 4000 square feet, ONLY "$44,999-$54,999" for our Affiliate “License” and it includes Design & Layout of facility, Boxing-Kickboxing Fitness Training and all Boxing/Kickboxing fitness equipment to outfit the space (NOT INCLUDING FLOORING & BOXING RING). Monthly License Fee ONLY "$149.99".

3: 4000 square feet - 6000 square feet, ONLY "$54,999-$64,999" for our Affiliate “License” and it includes Design & Layout of facility, Boxing-Kickboxing Fitness Training and all Boxing/Kickboxing fitness equipment to outfit the space (NOT INCLUDING FLOORING & BOXING RING). Monthly License Fee ONLY "$149.99".

4: 6000 square feet - 8000 square feet, ONLY "$64,999-$74,999" for our Affiliate “License” and it includes Design & Layout of facility, Boxing-Kickboxing Fitness Training and all Boxing/Kickboxing fitness equipment to outfit the space (NOT INCLUDING FLOORING & BOXING RING). Monthly License Fee ONLY "$149.99".

5: 8000 square feet – 10,000 square feet, ONLY "$74,999-$84,999" for our Affiliate “License” and it includes Design & Layout of facility, Boxing-Kickboxing Fitness Training and all Boxing/Kickboxing fitness equipment to outfit the space (NOT INCLUDING FLOORING & BOXING RING). Monthly License Fee ONLY "$149.99".

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