MR. CELLULITE offers Cellulite Treatments here in Raleigh/Durham North Carolina using Lipo Laser, Far-Infrared, Percussive Massage, Oscillating Massage and Whole Body Vibration.


BOX-2B-FIT℠ LIPO LASER treatments are a revolutionary method that opens up fat cells by directly applying Cold Laser light directly to the skin, releasing fatty contents and toxins that are then flushed from the body.

It’s the same natural process that happens when you exercise – but it’s faster, easier, and completely discomfort-free.

BOX-2B-FIT℠ LIPO LASER treatment goes to work to firm up your skin around the muscle and helps smooth your skin where you have Cellulite, and tighten it up.

A Cold Laser is applied to the surface of your skin and as it travels to the layer of fat that is causing your fatty area and your Cellulite deposits, it heats the affected area.

MR. CELLULITE offers Cellulite Treatments here in Raleigh/Durham North Carolina using Lipo Laser, Far-Infrared, Percussive Massage, Oscillating Massage and Whole Body Vibration.


BOX-2B-FIT℠ LIPO LASER Fat & Cellulite reduction laser treatments offer a Non-Invasive approach to burning the unwanted Fat & Cellulite, and offering individuals a healthy and toned body.

While the body retains Fat & Cellulite cells, they both are released into the interstitial fluid and flushed out by the lymphatic system and since toxins are stored in the fat, this also acts as a cleansing mechanism for the body.

BOX-2B-FIT℠ LIPO LASER quickly and evenly heats your skin and dermis in your Fat & Cellulite to stimulate your body’s collagen and elastin production and enhances the process and destroys fat cells through heating the Fat & Cellulite cells until it ruptures, allowing your body to then remove it naturally.


Underneath the skin is a pattern of fibrous bands. Over time these bands thicken, which causes tension on the skin above it. This tension is what causes the dimpled appearance on the skin's surface. All of these bands are partially made of collagen. It's true—of the 28 types of collagen in your body, they all serve a purpose. They keep your skin youthful. They help your heart pump properly. They can heal bones and muscles.


How uneven your skin gets has a lot to do with the elasticity of it. The more taut your skin is, the more bounce back it has, the smoother your skin will be. The looser your skin is, the more space fat cells have to fill—creating a more dramatic appearance of cellulite. What makes your skin get thinner and lose its elasticity? It's everything from years on this planet to afternoons spent lounging poolside.


The third factor that contributes to cellulite is fat. Women's fat cells are larger than men's—thanks to estrogen. These larger fat cells push into the skin, while the thickened fibrous bands pull down, creating an uneven skin surface. Imagine a tufted pillow. So, regardless of your body type, or whether you're a size 2 or 22, you could have cellulite and most women do.


BOX-2B-FIT℠ treatments are extremely effective and the number of treatments required to successfully achieve the desired result varies from client to client.

Many see a significant improvement in the look and feel of their skin within the first few treatment sessions and in order to ensure long-term results, we recommend that our clients schedule occasional maintenance sessions to keep them looking their best.

Thankfully, BOX-2B-FIT℠ treatments can comfortably, safely, and effectively target these unsightly problem areas to help you achieve the slim, shapely figure of your dreams!

BOX-2B-FIT℠ in Raleigh North Carolina offering Kickboxing & Boxing Fitness Training, Boot Camp & Booty Camp Fitness Training, Cross Fitness Training, Plyometrics, Sandbag Training, Kettlebells, Cycling, TRX Training and Tabata Training.

Here at BOX-2B-FIT℠ the ideal candidate are those who are concerned with the appearance of Fat & Cellulite on the thighs, hips, arms and buttocks which have not responded to diet and exercise.

Fat & Cellulite is caused by deposits of fat that push through the connective tissue of the skin and cause an uneven, dimpled appearance.

It is estimated that between 80 to 90 percent of women will experience this phenomenon, to some degree, at some point in their lives.

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