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It would be nice if we could protect our Kids from everything that life throws at them, but we can’t so the best thing we can do is make them strong mentally and physically.

Our Kids class is modeled after real boxing fitness training sessions and we use a mix of endurance, strength, balance, and explosive movements.

BOX-2B-FIT℠ Kids get the chance to learn the sweet science in a fun, supportive environment. They’ll also learn how to focus, hold themselves accountable and develop their self-esteem.

Keeping Kids and Teens physically active is more difficult – and more important – than ever and boxing fitness is one of the most engaging, enjoyable activities that will ignite your Childs love of exercise.

BOX-2B-FIT℠ Kids Boxing Fitness Programs offer an unbeatable workout while teaching Kids about discipline, persistence, and hard work, all without ever being boring and getting hit.

BOX-2B-FIT℠ in Raleigh North Carolina offering Kickboxing & Boxing Fitness Training, Boot Camp & Booty Camp Fitness Training, Cross Fitness Training, Plyometrics, Sandbag Training, Kettlebells, Cycling, TRX Training and Tabata Training.


BOX-2B-FIT℠ Kids Boxing Fitness Class is boxing training for Kids starting at age Seven (7) and up and is designed to be an introduction to the fitness of boxing.

Kids boxing, much like beginner boxing for adults, teaches Kids about the fundamentals of boxing training such as correct fighting stances and basic punches, while providing boxing tips for Kids who want to take their training to the next level.

BOX-2B-FIT℠ is committed to pushing your Child to be the best they can be and ensuring your Child that we believe in them is the motivation they need and what they will receive when they step into the gym.

This is a place where your Child can come, run around, be social, and let out that last bit of energy before hitting the hay!

Your Child will develop movement patterns that will make them less likely to get injured in other sports.

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