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919 BOXING Upper Cut
Limits only exist in your mind

our Fitness Formula

919 BOXING has changed the game by being the first and only Boxing Gym in Raleigh to bring you State-of-The-Art and Cutting-Edge Sensor Technology for our Heavy Bags (Punching Bags) and turning them into SMART Heavy Bags (Punching Bags).

We are proud and honored in being a welcoming place for all people of Size, Out of Shape, Plus Size, Obese, Fitness Newbies and Long-Time Gym Aficionado.

Here at 919 BOXING, we are a community with NO judgment, just opportunity because you will NOT feel isolated, you will NOT feel alone, and you will NOT feel self-conscious in any of our classes because 919 BOXING was designed & created for YOU.

Learn self-defense, build confidence, and get in the best shape of your life with Boxing Fitness!

Our Prices are compatible if not lower than any regular Boxing gym in The Triangle Area.

50 years of experience with understanding and dealing with Weight Loss and Boxing.

USA Boxing sanctioned and approved Boxing Equipment, Boxing Ring and Boxing Gear.

Youth Boxing

Youth Boxing

Our Youths Crave Structure And Thrive In Our Environment That’s Supportive, Educational, And Most Importantly Fun And Exciting.

919 BOXING Youth Doing Mitt Work
Amateur Boxing

Amateur Boxing

Amateurs Train And Learn Values Like Discipline, Respect, Persistence, Personal Success, Confidence, Discipline And Self-Defense.

919 BOXING Lady Sitting Down Wrapping Hands
919 BOXING Young Man Hitting Body Protector
Body/Safe Boxing

Body/Safe Boxing

Is For People Who Would Like To Beat The Crap Out Of Us And At The Same Time Get A Great Workout. NO We Do NOT Hit Back.

919 BOXING Young women Throwing Right Cross
Fitness Boxing

Fitness Boxing

Adults That Train With Boxing Fitness Can Help You Decompress And Build Mental Strength, Burn Calories, Lose Weight Or Just Have Fun.

Mitt Work Boxing

Mitt Work Boxing

Focus Mitts Training Cardio/Aerobic - Crossing Training Workout. Focus Mitts Work Gives A Mobile Target.

919 BOXING Two Men Doing Mitt Work
Tone Up & Shape Up

Tone Up & Shape Up

For People Looking For Total Body And Fat Reducing, Utilizing Free Weights, Kettlebells, Resistance And Natural Body Weight.

919 BOXING Kettlebells & Dumbbells3
Enthralling Workouts:
Motivating Workouts:
Fresh And New Workouts:
Custom Nutritional Plans:
919 BOXING Red Boxing Gloves On Boxing Ring
Sore today, strong tomorrow


Here at 919 BOXING, our Mission is to remove limited thinking and living due to weight by using our proven system as the vehicle to better living.

98% of our LADIES start out at sizes 14 (to) 30 and they finish our programs between sizes 6 (to) 12.

83% of our MEN start out at a waist size of 38 (to) 46 and they finish our programs between sizes 28 (to) 36.

919 BOXING realizes that everyone is NOT the same, so our fitness and fat loss solutions are specific to YOUR goals, YOUR body type, and YOUR life.

We utilize Heavy BagsBattling RopesKettlebellsDumbbellsNatural Body WeightJump RopesObstacle Course Boot Camps and so much more to maximize Fat Burning to Boost your Metabolism, and we also utilize Resistance Training to Firm, Tone, Tighten and Sculpt your Entire Body all in under one hour.

919 MEANING: To Be A Complete And Quality Person, We All Need To Go Through Different Stages In Our Life. You Need To Stop Worrying About Everything And Find Your Inner Peace To Help You Reach Your Goals Sooner Than You Expected.

919 BOXING Male And Femal Battling Ropes
BOXING FITNESS becomes an addiction

Nutritional Counseling

919 BOXING looks beyond your physical appearance, and we focus more on your emotional and nutritional obstacles.

Yes, we offer Nutritional Counseling that is focused on sustained health behavior change for slimming down, toning up and or obesity issues.

919 BOXING is an investment in yourself, and your health and we want you to know how to Eat to live, not live to Eat because when you Eat well you will be well, and this is why we created our UNSTOPPABLE FITNESS FORMULA.

1: Strength Training

2: Cardio Training

3: Resistance Training

4: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

5: Core (Abs) Training

6: Nutrition/Diet Plan